The Bed Shed
W8332 Cty N #E1
Van Dyne WI 54979
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The Bed Shed
W8332 Cty N 
Building E Door #1
Van Dyne WI 54979
(920) 602-0510

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Robert Hess, Owner

Who needs a cozy new mattress for Fall/winter snuggling?

  Really Nice Extra Thick Plush Top Sets:
      Queen Plush Top Mattress Set:                   $450
       Full Plush Top Mattress Set:                        $395
      Twin PlushTop Mattress Set:                       $355
      King PlushTop Mattress Set:                        $695


   Double Sided Plush Pillow-top sets:
      Full Dbl Plush Mattress Set:                    $525
     Queen Dbl Plush Mattress Set:               $595
     King Dbl Plush Mattress Set:                   $795
     Twin Dbl Plush Mattress Set:                  $395

Super Nice Pillow Top or Firm Top Sets:

          Full Mattress Set:          $285
         Queen Mattress Set:     $305
         King Mattress Set:         $475
         Twin Mattress Set:        $235

Economy Basic Firm Sets.:

          Queen Mattress Set:    $200
         Full Mattress Set:          $185
         Twin Mattress Set:       $169

Basic Twin Mattresses From $65

These styles are also available:
(some by special order)

Firm tops, Air-adjustable mattresses, Latex Rubber mattresses, Water mattresses & heaters

Preferred methods of payment are cash or a non-bouncing check.  We also takeVisa or Mastercard.
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